Getting Around St. Louis

Here's the stuff you need to know to get you where you need to go.

Arrival in St. Louis

If you're flying into the Lamber Airport, look for people wearing blue Urbana vests when you arrive. 

    There are a few options for getting to your hotel and the people in these vests can help guide you.

    • Least expensive: Purchase a $4 two-hour Metro pass to get to your hotel (see map). This pass can be obtained at the airport via the friendly Metro staff at the Ticket Table or at the ticket vending machine. You can purchase your return ticket at the Metro Ride Store at the America’s Center for $3.00 or from a Ticket Vending Machine at any Downtown Metro Platform.
    • Most expensive: Take a taxi. This will cost $35-40 one way.
    • Middle expsensive: Pre-book with GoBest Express (a shared shuttle ride service) for a discounted Urbana rate of $15 (normally $22). Similar to a taxi, they will drop you off at the hotel of your choice. Their vans have limited availability, so secure your spot by booking online.


    Most of the hotels Urbana is partnering with are within easy walking distance of the America’s Center. For your safety, please walk in groups using the Urbana walking routes designated in the handbook and app. There will be Urbana Guides to help you along these paths. If you need assistance, visit an Information Booth at the America’s Center.

    The hotels within easy walking distance are listed below. (Those hotels marked with an * are the hotels which will host some of the seminars.)

    • Convention Center
    • Crowne Plaza Downtown*
    • Drury Inn & Suites Convention Center
    • Drury Plaza at the Arch*
    • Embassy Suites*
    • Hampton Inn Gateway Arch
    • Hilton at the Ballpark*
    • Hilton Downtown at the Arch
    • Holiday Inn Downtown Convention Center
    • Hyatt Regency at the Arch*
    • Magnolia Hotel St. Louis*
    • Marriott St. Louis Grand*
    • Missouri Athletic Club*
    • Omni Majestic Hotel
    • The Westin

    HOTELS Within Walking Distance or MetroLink 

    If you’re staying in one of the hotels near Union Station (listed below) you have the option of walking or riding the St. Louis Metro. You may also want to use the Metro if your participating in the Poverty Track but staying in another hotel.

    If you decide to walk, consult the maps in the handbook and App to find the recommended walking routes. If you choose to take the Metro, you can purchase one from a Metro Ticket Agent at the airport or at the MetroStore in the America’s Center (located at the Washington Ave. entrance). This weeklong pass (a wristband) is available at a discounted rate of $17.50 (normally $27) for the first 2,000 participants.

    Daily MetroLink departure times will be posted in your hotel lobby.

    • Drury Inn Union Station
    • Pear Tree Inn Union Station
    • St. Louis City Center Hotel
    • Union Station DoubleTree

    HOTELS Accessed Via Shuttle Bus 

    If you’re staying at the Courtyard Downtown West or Residence Inn Downtown, please use the Urbana shuttle bus service for transportation to and from the America’s Center. Shuttle bus departure times will be posted in your hotel lobby. The shuttle will drop off and pick up from the Washington Ave. entrance of the America’s Center.

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