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  • Discern
    Urbana is a space set apart to fully focus on God, his global mission, and his will for your life.
  • Connect
    Forge friendships and strategic partnerships with people from all over North America and the world.
  • Discover
    Engage face-to-face with leaders from hundreds of missions organizations and seminaries.
  • Meet God
    Study the Bible deeply, hear from diverse speakers, pray, worship, and choose from hundreds of seminars.
  • Oscar Muriu - Urbana 09
  • Ruth Padilla DeBorst - Urbana 2000
  • Paul Tokunaga - Urbana 90
  • Philemon Choi - Urbana 90
  • Ajith Fernando - Urbana 90
  • Brenda Salter McNeil - Urbana 09


“We must be global Christians with a global vision, because our God is a global God.”

John Stott, Urbana 76

As we seek to understand God, his mission, and our place in it, Urbana has always made a point of listening to our brothers and sisters from all around the world.