Trying to find a faster way to translate Scripture? Looking for help designing an app that will share the gospel? Hoping to connect with remote missionaries? These are just three examples of the kind of projects included in last Urbana’s #Hack4Missions.

Once again, #Hack4Missions is looking forward to supporting you in all your technological challenges while showing our 150 mission-minded participants how they can honor God with their digital skill set and connect with his global mission.

Becoming a #Hack4Missions Exhibitor

  • All Urbana 18 exhibitors are free to submit a project proposal for #Hack4Missions.
  • Urbana will accept a number of projects and help those exhibitors shape and communicate their projects to #Hack4Missions participants.
  • During Urbana’s afternoon programming, a staff member or volunteer from the exhibiting organization will participate in the hackathon, helping to direct the project.

Project Proposal Ideas

Needing a little inspiration to jumpstart your brainstorming? Here are two examples of projects from our last hackathon (this is the full list of projects) to help you get a sense of what can be accomplished during #Hack4Missions.

  • Secure Mission

Submitted by OMF, this project challenged participants to develop effective communication strategies and methods for missionaries. It specifically focused on questions of security and establishing documentation and protocols.

  • Library Box

Submitted by Mission Aviation Fellowship, this challenge was part of a larger project to hack routers to provide resources like books, audio, worship music, and videos for the underground church in restricted access countries. During Urbana, participants were tasked with adding all the language characters of the world to the Western Latin letters on the LibraryBox project. They hacked both the router itself and the web user interface (UI).