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29 | Mentor application deadline


17 | Exhibitor challenge deadline


27 | Participant application deadline


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20 | Challenges announced

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7 | Team assignments announced

28-30 | H4M

31 | Project presentations

What was the Urbana 15 #Hack4Missions like?

Quotes from past participants

“It’s not often that I get to meet other Christians passionate about being nerds for Jesus.”

—Olivia, St. Charles Community College

“I just feel more confident in how I can use my talents to really further God's ministry!”

—Brandon, University of California

“It really helped me believe and see that God can use technology for His mission. I saw I could design for Jesus!”

—Isaac, California State University, Long Beach

Previous Projects

Mission Aviation Fellowship Connect Box
The team was given a set of $20 routers and started hacking the firmware, loading the routers with materials on evangelism and discipleship in different languages. These routers could then be shared in restricted countries and the materials downloaded.

Wycliffe Rapid Translation Toolkit
Bible translation typically takes around a decade. The Wycliffe #H4M team paired up two languages (one known and one unknown) to help speed up the translation process.

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