Preparation for Short-Term Teams, Part 1

Letting Go, Luke 9:1-9

When the ocean liner Titanic set off across the Atlantic, most of her passengers had spent days preparing for the adventure. Passengers brought what they thought they would need, including extensive collections of jewelry, furniture, artwork and servants. When disaster struck, one of the wealthy passengers made her way to the life rafts. Just before getting on, she remembered something in her room she might need. Pushing past the crowds and stewards she fought her way back to her cabin. Side-stepping the possessions of inestimable value that she had brought along, she reached for the one item she knew could be of ultimate importance for the journey ahead—an orange.

When Jesus called the 12 to short-term ministry, he was careful to load them up with items of ultimate importance and relieved them of those things that would only weigh them down. As you read these passages, ask Jesus to give you what you need for the journey and to help you leave behind things that will only get in the way.

Read Luke 9:1-6

  1. What did Jesus send the 12 to do?
  2. What did he give them to equip them for the task?
  3. What did he prevent them from taking? Why?
  4. What is Jesus sending you to do?
  5. What gifts has he given you to accomplish your mission?
  6. What have you brought with you that might prevent you from relying totally on him?
  7. Make a brief list of how he has provided for you in the last 2-3 months.

Read Luke 9:7-9

  1. What three options did Herod consider to identify who Jesus was?
  2. Which of these was correct?
  3. Had the disciples yet publicly identified Jesus as the Messiah when they went on their short-term mission (see 9:20-21)?
  4. What did they know about Jesus?
  5. Are you ready to admit what you do and don't know about Jesus and discover more of him this summer?


Spend some time in community with Jesus. Tell him that you believe he is the Messiah and ask him to show more of himself to you. Invite him to look through your backpack or suitcase. Let him examine your wallet or purse. Now let him look at what's in your heart. Ask him if he wants you to trust him for certain items this summer. Ask him to show you the things he has placed inside you that will be of ultimate importance. Let go of those things that will get in the way while on the journey.

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Adapted from "Orientation Bible Studies," by Scott Bessenecker, Director, Global Urban Trek, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, 2001.


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