Luke 18:35-43: The Blind Man: a Grateful Witness

Witnesses to Jesus, part 2

Getting started

In this passage, a blind man receives the joy of new-found sight. The healing and the new life which this blind man experiences are duplicated many times over as he testifies to God's goodness and leads others to praise God, too. Have you ever received a product or service so good that you enjoyed telling people about it and encouraged them to get it, too?

Think about your favorite movie, book, restaurant or music, or your most enjoyable vacation. Think of places where you have received excellent service. Part of the joy you receive comes in sharing it with others. As a discussion opener, ask people to tell about a wonderful experience they have shared with others.

1. Read Luke 18:35-43 aloud. Who are the characters? What seem to be their primary concerns?

2. In verses 38-39, what does the blind man do to attract Jesus' attention? Why are some members of the crowd angry with him? Why do you think the blind man continues to shout?

3. What does the blind man want in verses 40-42? Why is he healed? In what ways do you see the blind man's faith?

4. What are the changes you see in the formerly blind man in verse 43? What does he do as soon as he is healed by Jesus? How does this affect the people around him?

5. In this passage, what does the blind man know about Jesus? Why is he so excited?

6. What are some of the things Jesus has done for us?

In closing

Have you experienced this kind of excitement toward Jesus? When and how? What would it be like for us to praise Jesus in such a way that others are encouraged to follow and praise him also?

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Luke 18:35-43


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