Daniel 1 - 6
As Christians we are to be in the world but not of the world. Daniel faced this problem as a Jewish captive in Babylon.
John 4:1-42
This study explores how a woman with a bad reputation became an unlikely witness to the love and compassion of Jesus.
Acts 1:1-11
As Christians we are called to be witnesses of Christ. This study examines the instructions Jesus gave his followers before he left them to carry on his mission.
Luke 11:53 - 12:11
In this passage, Jesus is on his way from Galilee to Jerusalem and has just taught about true discipleship and the kingdom of God. Some of those who heard him and want to follow him are about to be sent out on a mission. In this study we’ll explore what it is like to be a witness sent on
Luke 18:35-43
In this passage, a blind man receives the joy of new-found sight. The healing and the new life which this blind man experiences are duplicated many times over as he testifies to God’s goodness and leads others to praise God, too.
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