Book of Acts

Acts 0
The Book of Acts is a fascinating account of the early disciples as they formed the early church and spread the Good News of Jesus. Luke - a doctor who traveled along on some of these adventures - tells the story in an interesting, accurate and reliable way.
Acts 1:1-11
As Christians we are called to be witnesses of Christ. This study examines the instructions Jesus gave his followers before he left them to carry on his mission.
Acts 3:1-26
God uses miracles, like the healing of a beggar, to proclaim his amazing powers.
Acts 4:23-37
This study highlights the power and advantages of a group of Christians as a witnessing community.
Acts 6:1 - 8:4
This study about Stephen, a leader in the early Church, provides an example of the cost of witnessing.
Acts 9:1-22
The gospel of Jesus has the power to transform even the most stubborn people.Getting Started: If you were to vote for the person “most likely never to become a Christian” whom would you choose? Why? If you had lived in the first century, you probably would have chosen Saul of
Acts 13:1-12
How can we present the truth to others, even when there are obstacles or opposition? This study specifically looks Th
Acts 16:16-34
In this study, we see how Paul can share the Gospel with anyone, even in the most unusual situations.
Acts 17:16-34
How can we share the Gospel with those of another religion or world view? Paul is a great example for us.
Acts 25:23 - 26:32
Paul demonstrates how to be a witness to those in a higher position of power and authority.
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