Hello Jack,I'm wondering ...

Jozeca asked:

Hello Jack,I'm wondering if you can recommend an intensive Spanish Language school either here in the States or in a Spanish-speaking country. I know that there are differences with the opportunity to live in-home and have an immersion experience, which sounds great, but I'm also just wondering what various options may be.Thank you!Jozeca

Jack Answered:

The language school that many mission agencies have used for over 60 years is the Instituto de la Lengua Española gabi@thespanishinstitute.com (http://thespanishinstitute.com/) in San José, Costa Rica. They recommend that singles or couples without children live in Costa Rican homes. They also have a school for the children of students. The vast majority of those who study there are missionaries preparing for their various assignments. In addition to language classes they offer orientation and even counseling. (A lot of stress is experienced by some in the process of learning a new language!)

I studied there in 1965! Check it out.

One plus is that you can hardly beat San José as a place to live and study: perfect weather and lovely people!



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