Exhibit Hall

The exhibit hall is a unique, valuable opportunity for you to see how you can use your gifts in some unexpected ways.

There are hundreds of missionaries who are ready, eager to guide, advise, and pray for you as you seek what God might be calling you to. The missions agencies and seminaries aren’t there to sell you anything, and the exhibit hall is not a marketplace. Be sure to take time to check this out! From generation to generation, the exhibit hall has been a sacred space where divine appointments take place and where callings are made clear.

If you are interested in being an Urbana 18 Exhibitor get more information here.

Urbana 18 Exhibitors

Campus Ministry

(including camps, global opportunities, and domestic, on-campus ministries)


(including undergraduate/graduate programs, educational ministries, and missionary training)


(including medical aid, clean water initiatives, counseling, and psychology)


(including social justice, urban ministries, environmental initiatives, and serving refugees and people at-risk)

Media/Technology/Arts Ministry

(including multi-media, publishers, music and the arts)


(including unreached people groups, Bible translation, evangelism, teaching, church planting, engineering, and civic development)