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As part of the ministry of Urbana, works to prepare people for Urbana and debrief their experience after the conference. We do this:

  • by teaching people about the journey of giving their whole lives to God for his global mission
  • by helping them grow and develop those character traits which will help them succeed in missions
  • and by connecting them with the resources, people, and organizations which can help on their missions journey

Urbana’s blog posts equip and challenge this generation while opening their eyes to new realities and possibilities. These posts are also a great way to help participants get to know your organization and start to form relationships.

Perhaps one of your missionaries has a story to tell from the mission field?

Perhaps your organization has a helpful resource (like a book or a learning tool) and you’d like to get the word out about it?

Perhaps you’d like to educate people about a certain global reality, or a non-traditional missions opportunity, or some aspect of answering God’s call?

If you have an idea for some content on, we’d love to hear it. Fill out the form below and’s Editorial Director will follow up with you shortly. (Please note: Submitting this form does not guarantee will be able to publish your idea.)

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