Urbana Conference

By Steve Tamayo

I almost didn’t become a vocational missionary. That wouldn’t have been a big deal. God uses entrepreneurs and professors to do awesome things for his kingdom. And I would have worked in one of those professions if I didn’t join InterVarsity/USA staff. It would have been okay … except for my reason why.

By Lisa Rieck

Iven Hauptman’s story is one of finding God in unexpected places—like Reed College in Oregon, ranked by the Princeton Review as the college at which students are most likely to ignore God. Though Iven attended church with his mom growing up, he had no intention of seeking Jesus at Reed.

By Louie Guan

Sixteen thousand attendees flood into a stadium, rushing to grab the best seat possible. Enormous monitors and hundreds of lights illuminate the seats. The band begins to play as the thousands sing along. This is not a music concert. This is not for us. This is all for an audience of One. Let Urbana begin.

By Sarah Yockey

You know you are a #InterVarsityBaby if any of the following are true for you: You never had a bedtime because your parents hung out late with college students, you committed yourself to following Jesus at an InterVarsity event as an elementary school student, and every three years your parents left you with grandparents the day after Christmas and disappeared to a magical place called Urbana.

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By Shaylen Hardy

Welcome to Urbana 15! The Urbana Team has been preparing for this week for so long, and we are incredibly excited you’re here! My own Urbana experience in 2006 was a game changer for me!