Urbana Conference

By Alison Siewert

Editor's note: This page will be continually updated with all kinds of things about performing arts at Urbana 15. Check back often for the latest.

By Ruth Hubbard

Pioneers and Wycliffe Bible Translators are providing a space and bringing together a community to help Urbana 15 participants discern how God’s mission will shape the next chapter of their lives. Urbana Onward will happen from 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on March 5, 2016, in Orlando, Florida.

By Paul Borthwick

After I attended my first Urbana Student Mission Conference in 1973 as a 19-year-old college sophomore from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, I returned home exhilarated: the size of the

By Stephanie Jimenez

We've spent a week in intense training together and now it's time to begin putting what we've learned at Urbana15 into practice.

By Lindsay Olesberg

Here are the videos which were used in the Manuscript Bible Studies at Urbana 15. To download video, click vimeo in the player, then click download and select your desired format.

By Lynda MacGibbon

“Take the next step—don’t take a huge one, don’t look very far. I have learned the will of God is not hidden. It’s not very far. I have learned to obey him for what he’s telling me to do today. And that becomes a stepping-stone to the next thing, to the next thing and the next thing.”

By Louie Guan

I struggled tonight with feeling disengaged and tired from the evening session. For those going through such a valley with me, let's share in this walk together and look to God.