Urbana Conference

By Lindsay Olesberg and Lucy Meade

Urbana studies the Bible inductively, in community, by making space, relying on God's power, again and again. As you prepare for Urbana 15, be transformed with us by studying Matthew’s Gospel.

By Lisa Rieck

Without even knowing you, Daniel Paredes knows what God’s will for your life is. “The context of those questions [about God’s will] can look different for different people,” he said, “but for Christians, the main answer is always the same, and that’s to go and make disciples.”

By Tom Lin

God has a mission. God has acted in history—and is still acting now—to reconcile people from every nation and all of creation to himself. He is the primary agent of his mission. He began his mission, and he continues to work it out in greater love and power than we can imagine.

By Emily Brown

I was planning on skipping the prayer room at Urbana 12. The lines were long, and I didn’t have anything specific to pray for. The idea of having someone pray for me seemed self-centered. I...

By Lisa Espineli Chinn

Welcome to the post-Urbana world! You’re back to the life you were leading before Urbana. You may be keeping up with new Urbana friends through Facebook. You may have a few emails from missions...

By Paul Borthwick

I attended my first Urbana Student Mission Conference in 1973 as a 19-year-old college sophomore from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. The size of the conference, the caliber of the...

By Sandra Maria Van Opstal

Download the BookletDownload the AlbumCome to the Table"for everything is now ready"Luke 14: 17When Christians gather for worship, we are coming to the table to proclaim that the Lord is the...