Urbana Conference

By Scott Bessenecker

The problem with those of us who have the social privilege, the finances and the mobility to travel is that we like to impose blessings upon others. We too often rush to give people we don’t really know what we think they need from our insular, ethnocentric perspective.

By Tom Lin

If we are going to be people who put ourselves in service of Christ and His mission in the world, then we must be willing to face the reality of what Ferguson represents to our Black brothers and sisters.

By Ali Llewellyn, Bret Staudt Willet and Nick Skytland

There is a huge opportunity to rethink missions, to use technology to change the world, and to collaborate with others who share this mission. Urbana is doing Hack4Missions because the Kingdom needs hackers.

By Elizabeth Walsh

Why go all the way to Urbana to study the Bible? Can’t I do that on my own? Well, yes, you certainly can. (Please do!) But you can experience so much more of the Word when joined with a diverse community of God’s people.

"I look around and I see college students just willing to do whatever. They don’t know when, they don’t know where. But they’re ready. I just want to feel like that again."

By Tom Lin

We do Urbana because there is a need for Urbana. As we look around the world, there is urgency in challenging this generation to engage globally, to grasp biblical foundations of mission, and to discern vocational calling in the midst of the world’s needs.