Student Blogs

By Stephanie Jimenez

The start of something new can be scary and exciting, but as each of us steps into this school year and all the new beginnings that come our way, let us always be reminded that whatever happens, wherever we go, the Lord our God is with us.

By Sarah Yockey

Urbana is far, far away. You can't see it because of the mountain of textbooks and study guides on your desk and the never shrinking to-do list on your phone. I'm with you. Urbana is 800 miles away from Houston, both literally and figuratively. So why should you consider looking up with me toward the horizon, toward December, toward the great arch that soars 630' above St. Louis?

By Jaime Gweshe

I remember praying all night for women that I have never met, not just in Tampa but in this world to know how loved they are by Jesus. I prayed that someone, somewhere could do something to help the women of this world who are exploited every day. I haven’t stopped this prayer. I prayed that there would be more people like I had met to serve God’s people in other corners of the world. But then this idea came to me, what if I could do that? What if I could serve God’s people? What if this is my call?