My Major

By Jaime Gweshe

I remember praying all night for women that I have never met, not just in Tampa but in this world to know how loved they are by Jesus. I prayed that someone, somewhere could do something to help the women of this world who are exploited every day. I haven’t stopped this prayer. I prayed that there would be more people like I had met to serve God’s people in other corners of the world. But then this idea came to me, what if I could do that? What if I could serve God’s people? What if this is my call?

By Katelin Hansen

The joy of surrendering to God’s love is there to be had right now, right where we are. In other words, your participation in God’s global mission starts now, as a student, in your academic setting, within the limits you’re experiencing.

By David Vosburg

I was already committed to pursue a PhD in chemistry when I attended my first Urbana in 1996. I was an undergraduate student looking for wisdom and for ways to grow in my heart for missions as I entered graduate school.

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By Jack Voelkel

Cody asked: Hi Jack! Thanks for answering all our questions. I have an opportunity to work with Syrian refugees for 6 - 12 months with a secular non-profit. God has given me a burden for...

By Jack Voelkel

Carter asked: Hi, Jack, I have been working at Youth With A Mission in Colorado Springs for the last few years, but recently I moved to Virginia to pursue law school. I was surprised that...

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By Kurt Bullis

Urbana. org caught up with Caleb Wu, the drummer for Tim Be Told, before the band headed out to catch The Hunger Games on a recent day off. “Actually, ” Caleb recalls, “I hadn’t even heard of...

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