Missions Stories

By Hannah Weidman

For a couple of years now, I’ve been fascinated by the flight pattern of migrating birds. It amazes me how they are in tune with the change of seasons and know exactly when to begin their miles-long journey.

By Jack Voelkel

Patrick was a teenager when Irish pirates kidnapped him from the western coast of England early in the morning. Patrick and his friends had gone to the beach to play before their families awoke...

“Their turf. Her neighborhood. His table. Your block. My city. ” This is where hip-hop artist Andy Mineo believes the ministry of every Christ follower needs to happen. These are not just words...

By Iris Loomans

The cold and dull aches fill my tired bones. The flimsy tent in which I have just awoken has thankfully kept my family safe the previous night from the passing storms. Even at 4 a.m., the sky is already bright, and the sun is about to show its first warming rays.

"I have counted the cost and have sacrificed all my worldly possession to this undertaking. I am prepared to meet imprisonment or even death in carrying out the purposes of my heart. " Lott...

"[I]f you want to know and understand properly what Amanda Smith has to contend with, just turn black and go about as I do…I think some people would understand the quintessence of sanctifying...

By Bob Grahmann

Some missionaries are known for their great fruit, their many converts, churches they started, or hospitals they helped build. Samuel Zwemer is not known for these things. After 38 years of...

By H. Michelle Kao

I cringe at the term missionary. When I was younger I pictured missionaries as large, wholesome families dressed like a blast from the past with awkward kids who had crazy experiences with witch doctors. And bad haircuts.

By Kurt Bullis

Molly and Abraham are not their real names. Their names have been changed to protect the work they are doing with Muslims in the Detroit area. But this work is not what they initially set out to do.