Missions Stories

By Amy Hauptman

Malaysia Anderson was surprised to see herself up on the big screen in front of 15,000 people on the final night of Urbana 09. Just five days earlier, Malaysia had been praying that God would reveal his will for her life as she arrived in St. Louis for Urbana...

By Adam Jeske

When Tom entered Harvard University in 1991, his plans for a lucrative career in corporate law were as stable and secure as his parents had always dreamed. Not surprisingly, he excelled. Then, slowly, Tom started to realize what he wanted.

By Jessica Fick

“I don’t think I’d ever thought about a poor person.” As a senior from the University of Illinois at Urbana 96, Marie Koch sat in the auditorium spellbound by the short video on the screen about the poor. “It was haunting,” she said. 

By Johnnie Moore

Through their excruciating pain, through the weight of their trauma, they don’t resent the call to suffer that God has put upon their shoulders but rather welcome it. They celebrate it, and they feel honored by it. These refugees are indeed proudly part of the “nation of the cross.”

By Lisa Rieck

Without even knowing you, Daniel Paredes knows what God’s will for your life is. “The context of those questions [about God’s will] can look different for different people,” he said, “but for Christians, the main answer is always the same, and that’s to go and make disciples.”

By Jack Voelkel

One evening, Ramon Llull sat cradling his lute, his nimble fingers piecing out an erotic love song to Ambrosia, a high born married woman who was resisting his persistent advances. Llull was...

By Jack Voelkel

While any such list will inevitably leave many key missionaries out, the following names are ones any aspiring missionary should be familiar with. Their stories provide a through-line to the...