Missions Stories

By Cora Ebley

Reid Satterfield lay on the floor of his mud hut, feeling the life bleeding out of him. Surprisingly, he felt a tremendous peace about dying. Then the Lord spoke to Reid: “You’re not going to die. Ask me to stop the bleeding.”

By Cora Ebley

Today, Craig Detweiler is the author of five books. Back in 1984, Craig was in InterVarsity at Davidson College when a friend invited him to come to Urbana. At the time, Craig had no idea what Urbana was.

By Gordon Govier

Elisabeth Elliot lived her life in service to God and his global mission. She lived responsive to God's call and echoed that call at the four Urbana Student Missions Conferences at which she spoke. She was 88 when her earthly life of obedience ended on June 15, 2015.

By Jack Voelkel

Ten-year-old Elka watched from his hiding place as Mafolio called on the all-powerful and capricious Kworokyam to heal his stepfather. Elka was fascinated by Mafolio’s rituals, and soon after began to sing the songs he had heard which had stuck in his mind. The spirit world drew him in.