By Tom Lin

We live in a changing world. In many ways, our world has already changed to the point where what is considered "normal" must be redefined.

By A.J. Swoboda

The Lord of the harvest knows the harvest better than you. Listen to the Lord of the harvest. Listen closely.

By Tom Lin

I asked her a question as our time concluded, “If there’s one thing you tell this generation of students and young adults, what would you say?” She didn’t hesitate. “I want them to know that we need people to come here and die for Christ.”

By Haley Compean

Eating dinner in Kiboko Bay (Hippo Bay) changed my life. Not so much because of what I ate, but because of what ate me. In a restaurant surrounded by signs warning of the dangers of the second...

By Scott Bessenecker

I’ve been wondering lately how the utilization of for-profit language in the world of church and mission shape how we think about our faith and our mission. Many churches and most mission...

By Scott Bessenecker

In the 1980s New Zealanders Mick and Ruby Duncan chose to live among the desperately poor in one of Manila's slum communities. It was not a popular road, or an easy one, but one they chose out...

By Jack Voelkel

Mitchel asked: Hi Jack! I was wondering in your personal opinion do you think that the North American church has started to falter when it comes to the missions field and its duty to...

By Carl Medearis

Abou Hamza (not his real name) is a friend of mine. He is a Sunni Muslim who lives in an extremely conservative Arab country. Most would say he lives in an Islamic fundamentalist context, maybe...