By Kate Yates and Samantha Moats

The first thing persecuted Christians all ask for is prayer. Not an end to their suffering. Not a rescue operation. Not punishment for their persecutors. Not democracy. Not financial support. Prayer.

By Noemi Vega Quiñones

Latinos have an important place in God’s great plan of shalom! God wants—and even needs—to use you and your story in his global mission. Here are some of the gifts Latinos bring to God’s mission.

By Rev. Sharon T. Koh

Are you preparing for mission? Are you already in the final chapters of your missionary service? My advice for you is the same advice I give myself weekly: God’s instruction on Sabbath rest was not a suggestion. God mandated rest because God knows how quickly giving of ourselves can result in our complete depletion.

By Adam Jeske

We are in the midst of a global refugee crisis. Over 9 million Syrians have had to leave their homes in the past four years. Of these, 3 million have had to flee their country.