By Adam Jeske

If your parents love you deeply (and they probably do), there may be disagreement about your calling, your decisions, and your path in life. In fact, your parents are likely concerned about you serving in missions precisely because they love you so much.

By Tom Lin

The New Normal in missions presents exciting opportunities. But three things will make this journey much harder than we might think. 1. Perceived Power Loss...

By Tom Lin

As we celebrate the growth and initiative of the Global South, as we commit ourselves to humble servant-hood, is there still a place for us in God’s global mission? Yes!

By Tom Lin

Leslie Newbigin wisely suggests that the North American Church must “learn afresh what it means to bear witness to the gospel from a position not of strength but of weakness.”

By Tom Lin

We live in a changing world. In many ways, our world has already changed to the point where what is considered "normal" must be redefined.

By A.J. Swoboda

The Lord of the harvest knows the harvest better than you. Listen to the Lord of the harvest. Listen closely.

By Tom Lin

I asked her a question as our time concluded, “If there’s one thing you tell this generation of students and young adults, what would you say?” She didn’t hesitate. “I want them to know that we need people to come here and die for Christ.”