By Lisa Espineli Chinn

Dear Parent, In three days our youth group will be off to Florida. This is a trip they have prayed, worked and prepared for, for many weeks. Their (and our) effort and attention have been on the “entry” side of the mission experience. I am writing to help us prepare them for their “reentry.

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By Linda Edwards Olson

When you spend significant time in another culture, your values and attitudes will often change, but when you come back to an environment that has not changed, the dissonance can be disorienting. The deeper these attitude and value changes are, the more likely the re-entry period will be unsettling.

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By Jasmin Rouse

I felt God saying that the work was his before I got there and it will be his long after I’ve left. God’s kingdom coming to Mokkattam wasn’t contingent upon my presence there. Heartbroken, I committed the work back to him. In faith, I committed the work back to him. I am not the savior. Nor am I the solution. God alone is. And I can trust him.

By Kurt Bullis

Back at the end of March, we mailed out a print publication called Testify to all Urbana 15 participants. While we don’t have anymore Testify’s in print, we have been we publishing posts from Testify here on Here they are all gathered together for your reading pleasure.

By Scott Bessenecker

Since so much of my life has been invested in travel, much of it international, I’ve observed something about those of us who possess the power, privilege, and money to travel overseas; sometimes we end up treating the world like a product to be consumed.

By Glenn R. Paauw

What if we don’t really love the Bible because we don’t really know the Bible? Or rather, what if the Bible we know isn’t what the Bible was inspired to be?

By Scott Bessenecker

We wrap everything we’re afraid of losing in layers and layers of bubble wrap and overlook the thing which we ought to be afraid of—namely, suffocating in all that bubble wrap! All of our risk-averse padding has immobilized us; we’re choking in our protective gear.

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