The Bible

By Rod Pauls

Curiosity is what leads us to discover new places, new things, and new strategies for solving life’s problems. Curiosity enables us to learn and to grow. Curiosity also is an indispensable quality when it comes to studying the Bible.

By Fred Chen

I was regularly challenged to consider what role I might play in God’s global plan. However, the roles that I heard about seemed limited to those of a pastor, or a missionary, or something in alleviating poverty. Those are all clearly important roles, but for some reason those roles just never appealed to me and I felt guilty about it.

By Glenn R. Paauw

What if we don’t really love the Bible because we don’t really know the Bible? Or rather, what if the Bible we know isn’t what the Bible was inspired to be?

By Kurt Bullis

Scripture forms the basis for each Urbana. As such, Urbana 15 has developed several posts to give you context for the Gospel of Matthew, context for studying Scripture in general, and background on how Urbana approaches studying the Scriptures. Keep these posts handy as you engage with the Scriptures.

By Lindsay Olesberg

What follows is a way for individuals and small groups to delve deeply into the Bible, discover a passage’s core message, and learn to hear from and experience Jesus in his Word.

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By Lindsay Olesberg

Throughout church history, believers have prayed the Scriptures. Praying through God’s Word opens our hearts, shapes our prayers, and deepens our experience.

Tags: The Bible
By Lindsay Olesberg

Here are the videos which were used in the Manuscript Bible Studies at Urbana 15. To download video, click vimeo in the player, then click download and select your desired format.