Urbana 2022

Empowered Witnesses.

On campus. At home. In our careers and families. Across communities and to the ends of the earth, the Lord has empowered us to Rise Up as Spirit-filled witnesses of Jesus!

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We Are Witnesses

We Gather

We Listen

We Surrender

We Rise Up

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We've curated Urbana content to align with your vocation or passions in missions.  Check out how you might engage in God's world.
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Connections Hall

We’ve designed a space to help you connect with 196 organizations. See where God might be calling you!
Connections Hall

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Share Jesus with Your Friends & Family!

The Bible study guide we gave away at Urbana 22, “How Jesus Replaces Rejection with Love,” is the perfect way to share the gospel! Four weeks of key passages from the Gospel of Luke, in-depth discussion questions, and an invitation to faith will introduce your friends and family to Jesus in a simple, accessible way. Need more copies? Order them on the InterVarsity Store.

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