Urbana 12 Friday 12/28 Evening

[8:39pm] David Platt: Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End, the FIrst and Last. the Ancient of Days, the Author of Life, the Final Amen, Bread of Life, our Creator, Deliverer, Great Shepherd, Holy One… and we have reduced him to a poor puny Savior begging for us to accept Him? [watch video]

Jesus doesn’t need your acceptance, and Jesus doesn’t need my acceptance. We need Him! We need Him for every breath.

Looking at Luke 9:57-62… it almost seems like Jesus is trying to talk these guys out of following Him. … We’ll do anything and everything we can today to draw in the crowds… but not Jesus.

He has called us to die, to die to ourselves.. but we don’t believe this. We take texts like these and say, “Well, what Jesus really meant was…” this is where we need to be very careful… here’s the real danger, when we treat Jesus like this, twist Him into our image.. the reality is, we are not worshiping the Jesus of the Bible.  

Jesus is worthy of all our trust. Don’t forget, the cross was not an accident for Jesus.. the cross was an appointment.. He chose to go to the cross.. we are ultimately saved from our sins because of what Jesus deliberately chose to do for us. 

Jesus was sweating blood in the garden because he willingly endured that .. holy eternal judgment.. resolutely, willingly, drinking down that cup of divine wrath. *applause*

Jesus says: I am not a means to an end, I am the end. We come to Jesus to get Jesus! He’s the one we want.. He’s the One we need.. but we don’t live that way.. even in our Christian lives.. filled with so much stuff.. it takes so much to get us excited about Jesus.

I remember a time going to an underground church in another country… they want to know God’s Word.. they love this Word..  I am here to tell you that the Holy Spirit is doing just find in that country without all the resources we have with our churches and conferences.. somewhere along the way, they’ve gotten the idea that the Word of God and the Spirit of God are enough.. and they are right.

Is the Word of Christ enough for us? Is Jesus enough for us? 

We started looking at needs around the world, and we realized “We’ve got to spend differently.” what happens when followers of Christ begin to say that He is enough for us.. God, raise up a generation who says: Jesus is enough for us!

Jesus is worthy of all our plans and dreams.

don’t miss what Jesus is saying.. when you follow Him, you have an obligation, a responsiblity, a plan, an amibition, that supersedes every other.. you go and proclaim the kingdom of God. 

See the urgency… 4.5 billion people are on a road that leads to an eternal hell without Him.

We do not have time to waste our lives, coasting out casual Christianity.. we have a mission that warrents radical urgency.

Every gift, every passion, is all for one purpose: to proclaim the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth. … what happens when every single student in this room makes their primary aim, their plan, their dream, the proclamation of the gospel to the ends of the earth? When that takes hold in all of our hearts.. what plan or what dream will you give your life to that is more important than this?

Does Jesus have your heart? Is He the center of your affection?

Everything changes when Jesus becomes the sole object of your love and affection.. everything changes when your heart is enraptured by Him.

He is infintely worthy of all your trust, He is infinitely worthy of all your plans and dreams, worthy of all your affection this is why we go, beause He is worthy of nothing less!

Jesus has died on the cross, He has risen from the grave, He has ascended… He alone is worthy of all their worship.

… when we see this Jesus for who He is … when we worship this Jesus… when we follow this Jesus.. we will gladly give, even lose, our lives to make His worth known among every people group… God may it be so.

[8:37pm] Performing Arts team recite excerpts from Luke 

[8:17pm] Chai Ling comes on stage.. “tonight my story is for you Jesus!” [watch video]

… after our hopes and dreams were crushed by tanks and troops at Tiananmen Square, the little freedom I had was taken away from me. What sustained me was the burning desire to find freedom: for myself, for my family and for my country.
After I came to America, I found success… but I was still lost, searching for that very freedom that inspired all of us to put our lives at stake in Tiananmen.
I was lost, but now I’m found. In 2009 I came to the end of my strength.. China became wealthy and pwerful, the poor and helpless became worse… My heart was broken and my strength was fading.. “Where is justice? Where is hope?”
God came to me through the story of the Heavenly Man, Brother Yun.. I knelt down and gave my life to Jesus. No words can describe the freedom I felt at that moment.
At the same time I trusted in Jesus, God opened my eyes to one of the worst and most hiddne injustices of our time.. I learned about the true horror of China’s One-Child Policy.. Each day, over 35,000 Chinese babies suffer death through forced abortions… I saw how mothers committed suicide after enduring such traumas.. there are 37 million mission women in China.. one third of families suffer domestic violence…
You and I cannot be part of the world, know this truth, and choose to remain silent. When I was called to step out in faith to found All Girls Allowed, it was the story of David vs. Goliath that inspired us… As we moved forward in faith, God blessed us with miracles
I was broken and now I’m healed.
Jesus came to the world not just to share the good news, set prisoners free, but also to make the blind see and to bind up the broken hearted.
healing came through much prayer.. I asked where was God in each stage of my life.. God showed me a picture of a bike ride to the seashore with my father, one of my favorite childhood memories.. God said I was the one riding the bike with you..
I asked God where were you when I was in a recovery room… God said: my heart was grieved, but my love towards you never stopped… I was with you in the surgery room, watching you, making sure you were safe. … [even she experienced violence and abuse later, God did give her healing]
… it is for the purpose one day you will heal God’s children and give Him glory.. I don’t just want to restore dignity, but also the stolen lives of the little girls inside.. you are no longer a victim but a beautiful bride.. I shall forgive because I love you *applause* I’ve experienced God’s love for me to heal..
God wants to invite each of you, to give your hurts, pains, sorrow, and He wants to give you His peace.
May freedom rise in you tonight!

[8:14pm] video introducing Chai Ling

Tonight’s Speakers: Chai Ling (Founder, All Girls Allowed) and David Platt (Pastor, Church at Brook Hills)


[8:10pm] Dance team performing to some kickin’ hip-hop …

[8:03pm] Alex Porutiu (Cal State Long Beach) shares her story with great enthusiasm and joy … [watch video]

[7:40pm] (Worship Team leads participants in evening worship; livestream will start after worship set ends; eta 8:00pm CT)

[7:33pm] Performing Arts team enacting a dramatic interpretation of Luke 5:1-11 [watch video]

[7:30pm] video being shown with a review of the 1st 24 hours at Urbana 12 [watch video]

[7:15pm CT] doors open early and Urbana 12 participants are learning to sing in so many other languages, including French, Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, Swahili


powerful subjects!

what a message from Jesus tonight! How will you respond Urbana??? #U12. Will you take up the challenge? ~ Jake from OM #OMusa