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(* this concludes the livestreaming of Urbana 12. Thanks for watching! Watch all of the Urbana 12 videos)

[10:00pm to Midnight] Urbana 12 participants welcomes in the New Year by sharing communion! Happy New Year 2013! 

Look at lives changed at Urbana 12 in tweets and photos

[11:57am] Pastor Calisto Odede brings exposition of Luke 19:11-27

.. as a 2nd year student in the university, I posted this quote “the world is my parish”.. I did not know as a student that God had started something in my life, my heart.. I had this deep desire to give my life in service of God..

Tonight closes with a challenge to respond to God’s invitation to global mission.. watch video of the call to commitment - made by Tom Lin

[8:04pm] evening speaker Ziel Machado speaking in Spanish, with translator providing English translation.. tells stories of people who received the Gospel.. other people who went as missionaries.. [watch video]

See the power of prayer at work at Urbana 12 in tweets and photos

[12:06pm] [watch video] Tom Lin invites participants (and you!) to respond and to give towards the $1 million dollar goal at the Urbana 12 Offering - give online at urbanaoffering.org

Today’s Bible Exposition on Luke 15:11-32 led by Ram Sridharan [watch video]
[11:34am] Ram Sridharan begins to open the Scriptures with participants..

<< see photo blog at instagram.com/urbanamissions

A JOIN-IN: Joining with caregivers in Swaziland

[11:43am] Pastor Calisto Odede invites participants to open manuscript for Luke 14:15-24, Parable of the Great Invitation [watch video]

Jesus’ healing of the paralytic occured in the context of a party… the theme of a feast runs through this passage.. re: the kingdom of God — It’s a party not a project.

[8:39pm] David Platt: Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End, the FIrst and Last. the Ancient of Days, the Author of Life, the Final Amen, Bread of Life, our Creator, Deliverer, Great Shepherd, Holy One… and we have reduced him to a poor puny Savior begging for us to accept Him? [watch video]

Jesus doesn’t need your acceptance, and Jesus doesn’t need my acceptance. We need Him! We need Him for every breath.

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