The Rehearsal Room

by Fiona Jack

I broke my foot a couple weeks ago. On the second day of the final performing arts rehearsal. I broke my foot. I crunched down on it doing interpretive dance moves in a lively theatre game, and it swelled up, and totally gave me cred with the dancers (I think?) as I wrapped and iced it all week. It hurt a bunch and forced me to hobble through rehearsal.

by David Stone

A bunch of Inter-Varsity Canada staff were getting ready to go on a road trip. This group of friends, part of the Urbana Theatre team, was heading south for the second-to-last round of rehearsals before Urbana12.  It was a long trek to do in one shot, and they needed to find a place to crash halfway.  Somewhere around Michigan.

But they didn’t know anyone in Michigan.

By Michael Eubanks

My first experience on the Urbana performing arts team was in 2009 as part of the theatre team. My initial feeling was equal parts kidlike excitement and sheer terror. I loved to make art, and as a student Jesus had begun to work out my calling as a disciple-artist. But I had been to Urbana. I had seen the stage. And though I had done a lot of performing in my life, this stage was, by far, the biggest on which I would ever perform. My most pressing question was simply this: How was this going to happen? How were we going to be ready to write and perform art on such an amazing scale and stage?

The Jones Dome—home of the St. Louis Rams as well as Urbana 12—has football turf on its floor at the moment. As we looked around the building in preparation for Urbana, it was strange to see it as a sports venue when I know it as a missions venue. This is the place we call on the name of the Lord. The Dome is where we call one another to deeper commitment, where we consider how Jesus might lead us out to bring the gospel to the world around us and beyond.

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