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A few nights ago, a friend of from Northwestern’s eternal rival, the University of Chicago, escaped the clutches of his school to come hang out with me and a friend here at Northwestern University. We ended up driving forever to get to Culver’s, getting some good conversation in along the way. We eventually ended up at one of our hang out spots on campus, to which we began discussing the gospel.

I haven’t blogged for a while (too long actually). It’s like Urbana was so far away, but also there has been much keeping my mind at bay. It is interesting though to have passed enough time to be able to see people’s inspirations play out. Some examples – one campus friend of mine has been organizing GIG events for the general IV chapter at my school, as well as setting up prayer times for those GIGs. Another friend has been inspired to become more involved and invested in small group.

Two nights ago, my chapter hosted a GIG training event, where we invited a speaker to come talk to us about their experience with GIGs. We discussed how to go about it, thought of two people we could possibly invite to them, and prayed over the entire process. I think it was a much needed, and welcome event. An unchallenged church isn’t much of a church at all.

First blog of the year haha! Altogether, great worship session, great Urbana, wish I could do it again. I am super excited and really refreshed from being in an awesome community of believers. However, the challenge remains of going back to campus and not only striving for the Urbana spiritual high, but sharing it with others and getting them to the next Urbana.

With the last day of Urbana right here, the pressure is most definitely on. My last and only day to explore the exhibition hall, and only about two hours to do it (which have now passed). It’s the last day to visit the prayer lounge, which has been great but also packed. The last day to check out the lounges and themed spaces (currently blogging from the LaFe lounge – there’s a CRAZY party going on). And on top of that, no where I seem to go offers wi-fi. Fellow bloggers, how are you getting through this?

There is someone playing the piano in the basement of the Millenium. It is currently 1:37 am, and we should both probably be sleeping right now. But it’s nice. Moreover, the pianist has just begun to play a song I heard very often as a child, but never fully appreciated or bothered to learn, so sadly, I can’t even mention it by name. It is soothing to my soul, like a mother singing her little child to sleep. (Watch, now I’m gonna fall asleep right here.)

Nicole Heath blogged and cited from her track that calling  = conviction + passion + opportunity. She then went on to focus on elaborating on the first two, beautifully explaining the relationship between the two and how one can discern the Will of God through the two of those.

Now this is more like it. Awesome worship session in the morning (that I was awake for), good talk and inspiration at my track session (mostly awake as well), and some chill people to hang out with. I’m also realizing just how much there is to do at this conference. Possibly TOO much. I feel like a dog held close on a leash at a dog park. Soooo glad Urbana takes up the better part of the week, but somehow I feel like it still wouldn’t be enough time.

Tonight was not exactly like I expected it to go. I am not off to a good start to Urbana, and I’m not exactly feeling all the hype about how Urbana is supposed to change my life.  

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