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By Sandra Van Opstal, U12 Worship Director (from the Book of the Day facebook discussion)

By Sandra Van Opstal, U12 Worship Director, (Book of the Day facebook discussion)

Can you talk a bit about what your goals were for “The Mission of Worship?” (IVP)

I actually didn’t want to write the book. I’m not much of a writer - more of a talker. A mentor of mine told me that I couldn’t have a cup of coffee with every worship leader, so I needed to put something in writing for maximum effect. From there I was planning to write a book specifically on diverse worship out of the training I have done for pastors at various church conferences.

A song I learned from these lovely young ladies in Swaziland. This is what I did while 2100 made great videos. :)

By Audrey Tom, Worship Team Member U09 and U12

(originally posted on Audrey’s Blog)

What’s it like to be on a stage in front of 16,000 people? 

By Audrey Tom, Worship Team Member

Whenever I have a delicious meal, I always want the recipe.  I want to know what ingredients were in it, and I want to know how it was prepared.  Of course, I also want the recipe so that I can eat it on a regular basis and share it with others! 

By Laila Brand, Worship Team Member

If I had been asked a year ago “what is Caucasian worship?”, I would have had no idea how to answer that question. On the one hand, “Caucasian worship” feels quite broad, encompassing a range of different strands and traditions.  On the other hand, even as a Caucasian person I hadn’t really reflected on the question before. 

By Melissa Vallejo, Associate Worship Director

Buenos Dias! Today I am inviting you to a celebration, una fiesta consisting of a great mixture of family and friends.  In the Latino neighborhood we’ve learned to celebrate life even in the midst of hardship, because we know that God is faithful to the brokenhearted and we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.

By Sandra Van Opstal, Worship Director

Have you ever had the experience of serving at a soup kitchen or a homes shelter?  You know - where you stand behind a line or a serving window and you give people food, a smile, and a “Jesus loves you”? Or maybe it’s been a holiday outreach in which you hand people presents and shake their hands and the parent awkwardly looks at you and you wonder if they are thankful or embarrassed or both?  It’s so confusing because we are taught to give help to people (CHARITY), but often not taught how to stand with people (SOLIDARITY).

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