Charles Kim

Although it's only been about three weeks since Urbana, it seems like a life time ago. It must have something to do with the fact that I rushed over from St. Louis back to New York the very next morning and started my grueling schedule again one day after. It's been hectic to say the least and my schedule has been even busier than last semester. In the midst of the busyness, I have been trying very hard not to forget the things that God taught me during Urbana, and have tried to continually challenge myself to live out the convictions He gave me.

It’s only been 48 hours since the end of Urbana, but I have already felt the challenge of practicing and remembering everything that I was convicted of during the conference. Urbana was like the mountaintop where we experienced His glory and found rest in His presence. But He bids all of us to go down, each of us going down to where He desires us to be working for His glory in the valleys.

Happy New Year! It's been a crazy ride the last several days here in St. Louis. God has taught me so much and this week has been full of unexpected surprises. Today was unique like every other day of Urbana. Although there were fewer things to attend, I learned just as much as the other days if not more.

Going along with the rest of Urbana, today was another busy day and it was tough to soak in so much. Like the other nights, my roommate huddle was essential in providing those moments of slowing down my thoughts and processing everything with a few of my brothers in Christ. Today's theme for me seemed to go back down to the basics.

Each of the first two days of Urbana has been completely different experiences. In not knowing what to expect during the first day, I was amazed by so many events and people. God convicted me to follow His calling today and to pray boldly. Today was different. Like I posted before, it got off to a tough start. With the little sleep and coming down from the high of the first day, I was not able to jump into gaining a ton from the morning events. It wasn't until the afternoon that I found that groove again.

During the crazy and hectic schedule of an Urbana day, it is hard for me to take time to stop and think let alone write this blog! I am standing in the internet cafe in America's Center between dinner time and the evening session hunched over a keyboard. Today was another day of information gathering and learning--trying not to be overwhelmed. I wondered this morning if I would be convicted again today, and it seems like God didn't disappoint.

Tonight ended with another long session of Roommate Huddle. I felt like there were thousands of topics that I was able to gather during this long first full day of Urbana. Despite gathering so much information, in the crazy schedule of the day, it was difficult to process everything. But during the Roommate Huddle at the end of the day, I was finally able to process many of the things that were discussed. Among the many things that struck my roommates and me, one stuck out the most. We were all struck by the boldness of the prayers that one of the students who gave her testimony.

I came into St. Louis a little too late for the first night’s session, but it was still unexpectedly memorable. I ran to the America’s Center as quickly as I could, but when I got there, everyone was filing out. I found my roommates there and headed back to our hotel. I got acquainted with one of my roommates that I haven’t met before and walked back in the freezing weather that was quite a shock to me as I was in Southern California less than 10 hours prior visiting my family.

There is a rush of emotions that are flowing through me right now. As I sit in the airport, barely able to connect to the internet, I am trying to rush my entry in before I have to change gates. The time has finally come and I am not sure what I am supposed to feel. I definitely feel a certain level of excitement at the same time I am nervous to see what is to come. In several hours, I will be in St. Louis about to step into Urbana 12.

As Urbana 12 is coming up in less than two weeks, I was thinking about how to prepare for it. I am sure there are many practical things to prepare like picking out clothes that are appropriate for the weather or arranging travel, but there are other things, like the things of the heart and the intangibles that are much more difficult to prepare for than anything else. I wouldn’t really know how to get started, but it seems as though God has already started the work in me.

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