By Sarah Yockey

Urbana is far, far away. You can't see it because of the mountain of textbooks and study guides on your desk and the never shrinking to-do list on your phone. I'm with you. Urbana is 800 miles away from Houston, both literally and figuratively. So why should you consider looking up with me toward the horizon, toward December, toward the great arch that soars 630' above St. Louis?

By Adam Jeske

We are in the midst of a global refugee crisis. Over 9 million Syrians have had to leave their homes in the past four years. Of these, 3 million have had to flee their country.

By Jaime Gweshe

I remember praying all night for women that I have never met, not just in Tampa but in this world to know how loved they are by Jesus. I prayed that someone, somewhere could do something to help the women of this world who are exploited every day. I haven’t stopped this prayer. I prayed that there would be more people like I had met to serve God’s people in other corners of the world. But then this idea came to me, what if I could do that? What if I could serve God’s people? What if this is my call?

By Katelin Hansen

The joy of surrendering to God’s love is there to be had right now, right where we are. In other words, your participation in God’s global mission starts now, as a student, in your academic setting, within the limits you’re experiencing.

By Scott Bessenecker

The problem with those of us who have the social privilege, the finances and the mobility to travel is that we like to impose blessings upon others. We too often rush to give people we don’t really know what we think they need from our insular, ethnocentric perspective.

By Tom Lin

If we are going to be people who put ourselves in service of Christ and His mission in the world, then we must be willing to face the reality of what Ferguson represents to our Black brothers and sisters.

By Joshua Settles

What is the place of ancestry in understanding my identity both spiritually and naturally? In Deuteronomy 6.20-21, the answer given through the ages to the children of Israel was rooted in an always accessible historical event in which the past and present collide; “We were slaves.” 

By Cora Ebley

Reid Satterfield lay on the floor of his mud hut, feeling the life bleeding out of him. Surprisingly, he felt a tremendous peace about dying. Then the Lord spoke to Reid: “You’re not going to die. Ask me to stop the bleeding.”

By Ali Llewellyn, Bret Staudt Willet and Nick Skytland

There is a huge opportunity to rethink missions, to use technology to change the world, and to collaborate with others who share this mission. Urbana is doing Hack4Missions because the Kingdom needs hackers.

By Elizabeth Walsh

In the beginning, God made a wonderful world. But before long, we make a tragic mess of it. God’s solution is to call one family to know him and to make him known to the peoples of the earth.

By Cora Ebley

Today, Craig Detweiler is the author of five books. Back in 1984, Craig was in InterVarsity at Davidson College when a friend invited him to come to Urbana. At the time, Craig had no idea what Urbana was.

By Kurt Bullis

Most of us have in mind an absence of restrictions when we think of freedom. We are free when we are able to do what we like, choose what we want, and decide for ourselves. But this definition of freedom is dangerously deceptive in its simplicity.


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