By Carolyn Carney

From what goes on behind the scenes to what is offered to participants, in every minute of every day at Urbana, somewhere, someone is praying! We start months and months before Urbana and by October 2015, we are daily fasting and praying for the conference and for you!

By Noemi Vega Quiñones

Latinos have an important place in God’s great plan of shalom! God wants—and even needs—to use you and your story in his global mission. Here are some of the gifts Latinos bring to God’s mission.

By Sarah Yockey

Our time here is not our own. We do not always have a tomorrow. We do not always have a “when we feel like it.”

By Rev. Sharon T. Koh

Are you preparing for mission? Are you already in the final chapters of your missionary service? My advice for you is the same advice I give myself weekly: God’s instruction on Sabbath rest was not a suggestion. God mandated rest because God knows how quickly giving of ourselves can result in our complete depletion.

By Stephanie Jimenez

As I take on my many to-do lists this semester, I am learning to work, not for the sake of accomplishment, but to honor the God who has blessed me with these opportunities, abilities, and passions, and as I work I must remember to also rest within the promise and peace of God's perfect holiness.

By A. George

This is definitely going to be one heck of a rollercoaster with quite a few ups and downs. Urbana 15 will be my first Urbana and I don't know what to expect. Everyone that I've talked to who has previously attended Urbana has said it's a life-changing experience and I don't doubt that. We are currently 94 days away from our lives being changed at Urbana.

By Kathryn Brill

As a child of an InterVarsity staff worker and an involved member of my campus’ InterVarsity chapter, I was very familiar with the Urbana Student Missions Conference. I’d even gone to Urbana 2009.

By Sarah Yockey

I pulled out the journal that I started as a freshman at Urbana 12 recently. Three years ago, the green notebook was fresh, each page empty and white. Today, there are scribbles on most of the pages and random church bulletins stuffed inside. As I skimmed through my seminar notes, my reflections and the rest of the journal, I realized how many hints God dropped at Urbana about what the next three years would hold for me and how much he would change me.

By Stephanie Jimenez

The start of something new can be scary and exciting, but as each of us steps into this school year and all the new beginnings that come our way, let us always be reminded that whatever happens, wherever we go, the Lord our God is with us.


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