By Evelyne Reisacher and Joyce Hiendarto

We live in a global world, where the world is so interconnected, but we have not yet found ways to relate in healthy ways. We have so many means for communicating (social media, all of that) and still there are so many conflicts around religion, around culture, around the social issues.

By Diana Collymore

Liele and his family left the United States for Jamaica in 1783; thirty years before the first White missionary (Adorinam Judson) left North America; ten years before the so-called Father of Protestant Missions (William Carey) left England for his first missionary endeavor.

By Kurt Bullis

As you prepare in these final days before Urbana, here’s what you should plan to bring with you:

By A. George

There are two different spectrums for birthday celebrations. On one side you have people that can’t wait to celebrate their birthday, so they celebrate for a week.

By Sarah Yockey

It’s November, and reality has set in. “Remember the Sabbath day” has been drowned out by people and projects and planning until I am practically screaming from the inside – “Give me a day to rest!”

By Adam Jeske

For the last 4 ½ years Syria has been embroiled in a civil war, the net impact of which is that many Syrians are fleeing their homes, either to another part of Syria or to another country. This is “perhaps the greatest human suffering in our world today.”

By Drew Smith

These past months, as I’ve lived in the story of Matthew’s Gospel, I’ve found a gospel written for a time like ours. I’ve found a manual for the disciples of Jesus living in a hurting world.

By Diana Collymore and Kurt Bullis

Urbana is a great value, but it’s still an investment which may have you needing to raise funds. Here are a range of ideas and resources to get you going.


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