Will We Poop in Heaven?


This might seem like somewhat of an irreverent question. My apologies for all the sensabilities offended by this thought. Maybe it would be a bit more tasteful to ask about the nature of structures and systems and governance in heaven. Colossians tells us that in Christ all things in heaven and on earth were created, "whether thrones, dominions rulers or powers..." Col. 1:16. No, I'm not going to make a stupid joke about heavenly thrones being toilets. But there is something about governance and power systems which are beautiful, and which exist both on earth and in heaven. Revelation talks about a heavenly city, the New Jerusalem. There is a physicality to it, and it is measured in Revelation 21. Jesus talks about many houses or mansions being prepared. Surely not all of these are figures of speech. There must be something of architecture, something of ecosystems, something of social structures that exist in God's perfect plan for humanity at the end of all time. In God's original creation plan, the cycle of consuming things and excreting waste were wonderful elements of his purposeful design. What a bummer if there is no food in heaven, requiring at least some production and preparation. What if there are no spices, no animals, no cultures, or worse yet, no beer in heaven. Something about that just doesn't sound right. I realize not enough is said in Scripture to answer my question definitively. But what if all that we know and have learned here on earth follows us into heaven and is utilized. That creates a sacred urgency to understanding our creation, learning how to govern well, exercising godly stewardship, resourceful engineering, environmental management, etc. Will God just create stuff that we use and toss? I don't think so. I think this life is training - learning to exercise proper authority and healthy community and resourceful stewardship. Things which will be highly transferable in the next life. What's your opinion?


its says we will feast in heaven, the great feast with Abraham and everyone else. Lion will lay with the lamb, so there are animals. So whether we poop or not, i dunno. Good question.

I think we will certainly eat, but no, I don't believe we will need to poop or pee because that would assume decay. There is no decay in Heaven whatsoever. We'll just absorb the food, and use it.

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