Why Pastors and Church Leaders Need Urbana

1. Perspective

Urbana helps you understand what God is doing beyond your local context. It’s a chance to step back and reframe your specific ministry in light of what God is doing in the world.

2. Shared Experience

Urbana brings together 16,000 people who have devoted 5 days of their winter breaks to discern their place in God’s mission. Participating in Urbana puts you in the midst of this sacred space with the young adults in your church who are committed to engaging the world with the gospel. It’s a chance to walk alongside others in your congregation during a uniquely dynamic experience.

3. Understanding

Urbana is a great place to grow in your understanding of the emerging generation. The next wave of missions and church leaders can be found among the students that attend Urbana. See first-hand what they are passionate about and motivated by.

4. Renewed Vision

Because Urbana is a unique space with an intentional atmosphere you don’t find in your day to day ministry, participating in the conference will help renew your own vision for participation in God’s global mission.

5. Encouragement

Ministry as a pastor or church leader can sometimes be discouraging or isolating.  Participating in Urbana puts you in touch with other like-minded kingdom workers who can reinvigorate you for a new season of ministry.

6. Networking

Urbana is a crossroads, bringing together people, ideas, resources, skill sets, and organizations which speak directly to the needs of church leaders and pastors as you seek to motivate and mobilize the church. Explore new opportunities for partnership and engagement in mission by connecting with the 250+ missions organizations and seminaries exhibiting at Urbana.

7. The Bookstore

Expand your networks and bring Urbana back to your church context through the amazing gathering of (discounted) resources in Urbana’s legendary bookstore. Books of the day are $5!

8. Scripture engagement

As part of the Pastor and Church Leaders track, you will have the opportunity to study into the Bible with others in the track together every day.

9. Exposure

Get exposed to the latest thought and practice in the missions movement as you learn from those at the forefront of missions work in a variety of contexts.


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