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Erika asked:

Where would you say the most need for missionaries in the world is? What about orphanages? What are the poorest countries? those with the least Christians? those with the most orphans? etc.Erika

Jack Answered:

Erika, I would encourage you to look up the book Operation World (edited by Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk). In one volume it will give you a look at the whole world, continent by continent and also country by country, with helpful summary information.

Many years ago, Luis Bush developed the concept of the "10/40 Window" (http://1040window.org/whatis) to describe the area of the world "that contains the largest population of non-Christians in the world." It extends from 10 degrees to 40 North of the equator and stretches from North Africa across to China. In this area you will find not only the least evangelized countries but also the poorest and those with the most orphans.

Probably due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, Africa at this point would be the continent with the largest number of orphans.

If you would be interested in contacting agencies that are looking for help with orphans, you might try the following two search engines: 1) Right Now http://www.rightnow.org/worldConnection.aspx 2) Mission finder: http://www.missionfinder.org/

I trust this information will be helpful to you, Erika.



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