What to Pray

The following prayer requests for the global church are taken from International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) and Pray for the World (a Book of the Day for Urbana 15).


  • Pray for students in sensitive countries in Central Asia to have access to international books concerning their major studies, as most books are written by local authors and censored. Also pray for pioneers to be sent to a closed country.
  • Universities in sensitive countries in Eurasia are often not open to “outsider” organizations, or to Christian groups of any kind. Pray that God will open doors on campuses and that Christian students will not be ruled by fear.
  • Pray for students’ hearts to be soft and hungry for the gospel rather than trapped in fear in this sensitive country in Europe. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead in their interactions with their Muslim friends.


  • Pray for students in a highly sensitive country in East Asia to have additional full-time workers to join the team and more financial resources.
  • The IFES student movement in Ethiopia has a similar number of students involved as InterVarsity/USA, but a tiny fraction of the staff support. Ask God for more resources (human and financial) to serve students better.
  • Only 3% of the population in Malaysia are Christians. Pray for students to have a passionate love for Christ and his Word and to commit to serving him by building bridges of racial reconciliation in Malaysian society.
  • Give thanks for the IFES student movement in Indonesia, which has one of the largest staff teams of all IFES movements, despite the fact that Indonesia has the highest number of Muslims in the world.
  • Pray for more long-term staff and committed graduate supporters for the IFES movement in Bangladesh. Also pray for funding for the ongoing construction of a training center.
  • Pray that IFES students in Nigeria will become effective witnesses through the present persecution. Also pray for the students who are unable to pursue their education due to most colleges in northeast Nigeria being closed.
  • Pray for the training of new leaders for all universities in Jordan, as well as for positive relationships with local churches and for their support of student ministry. Also pray that God would provide two new staff members for Jordan’s IFES movement.
  • Pray for healing and restoration for students in Kenya who survived the massacre that killed 142 students at Garissa University College.
  • Pray for Christian students in Mali to have God’s spirit of wisdom and discernment in relating to their Muslim friends and classmates.
  • Pray for God to raise up future leaders in Central African Republic who will be able to influence their country as David, Daniel, and Joseph did.
  • Pray for what is likely the first-ever Christian Yemeni couple, who were married this past year and hope to be able to contribute to IFES work in Yemen by welcoming groups of students into their home.
  • Lift up the indigenous IFES national movement in Colombia, asking God to grow them in faithfulness and confidence and launch them into a new season of growth in every aspect of student work. Pray also for student initiatives in cities where IFES is currently not present.
  • Government regulations restrict Christian witness to non-believers in Algeria. Pray for wisdom and boldness for Christian students there and that there will be a vibrant student witness on every campus.
  • Some students in India who convert to Christianity from other religions face persecution from their families. Pray for courage and protection for them, and for faithfulness in difficult situations.
  • Pray for partnerships that enable students on every university and college campus in Palestine to be reached with the gospel.
  • Give thanks that the student movement in Tanzania is growing and experiencing stability after many years of stagnation.
  • The student movement in Sri Lanka is committed to modeling racial reconciliation. Pray for them as they live out biblical teaching on the unity that is found in Christ.
  • Pray for political and economic stability across Egypt. Also pray for the student movement in the country to grow and find a dedicated office and meeting space for ministry.
  • An estimated 3,000 Christians in Eritrea suffer in prison or under house arrest. Prison beatings and torture cripple many, and some die. Pray that Christians remain fervent for Jesus amidst hardship and that they will be full of God’s wisdom.
  • The Ethiopian Orthodox Church was a Christian “island” in a “sea of Islam” for many centuries. Pray for a deep work of the Holy Spirit in Ethiopia to revitalize this large ancient church, its biblical heritage, and its spiritual legacy.
  • Islam has dominated Mauritania for 1,000 years. Few people know a Christian or receive Christian media. Pray that any who follow Jesus would be courageous in their faith and that the unreached would hear the good news.
  • Praise God that Mali is spiritually open and that nearly 700 evangelical congregations now exist there. However, Mali remains mostly unreached. Pray for the many smaller, neglected groups who have no or few known believers.
  • Praise God that the commitment to spread the gospel in Tanzania bore good fruit in recent years among both animists and Muslims. Pray specifically for the 3 original Swahili people groups in Zanzibar, the Muslim peoples of coastal regions, and the South Asian community.
  • Afghanistan is one of the least-reached countries in the world. Pray for the 70 unreached people groups of this land, including the Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks, and Turkmens; the 6 Aimaq tribes of the west; and the Baloch and Brahui people of the south.
  • Unregistered house church networks in Azerbaijan continue to spread, and the believers have a vision to reach every town and village in the nation. Pray for a humble, wise, and loving Christian witness that draws the majority-Muslim population to Jesus.
  • Pray that God will once again open doors for Christian ministries to bring the love of Christ into Bhutan. Pray for a fellowship of believers to form and become witnesses for Jesus among every ethnic group of the Bhutanese.
  • Pray for revival, renewal, and growth for the church in China. Pray for genuine reconciliation at the foot of the cross among the different parts of the Chinese church networks.
  • Praise God that the church in Kuwait continues to grow. Pressure from culture and family prevents many from following Christ—pray for courage for Kuwaitis who hear and want to respond as well as for new believers in this land.
  • Pray for the Rohingya people of Myanmar, Muslims who are among the least evangelized and most neglected and unwanted peoples on earth. The government denies them citizenship, and they face numerous restrictions on their basic rights.
  • Pray that ministry through radio, TV, and websites might reach the homes and hearts of all who live in Qatar. Pray that the many groups of believers among Filipinos, Westerners, Lebanese, Indians, and Pakistanis would bear fruitful witness there.
  • Saudis who come to faith in Christ face the death penalty if discovered. Still, more and more continue to seek and find Jesus. Every city in Saudi Arabia now has believers. Pray for them to persevere and multiply in number.
  • Praise God for the birth of the church in Tajikistan. About 1,000 now follow Christ, and the numbers continue to grow. Pray that God will use the Christian radio and satellite TV programs in Farsi, Russian, and a few other languages to draw more people to himself.
  • People have come to faith in Jesus from many backgrounds in the United Arab Emirates. However, evangelizing or distributing Christian literature unwisely can lead to arrest, prison, or deportation. Pray that believers would demonstrate Christ in their words and deeds, with discernment and confidence.
  • Praise God for the growing witnessing church that has emerged from years of persecution in Vietnam. Pray for the 3 main groups among whom the church is increasing in number: the mountain tribal peoples, the Hmong, and the ethnic Vietnamese (Kinh).
  • In Comoros, 99% of the population follow Islam, with fundamentalism on the rise. But the church is slowly growing in number amidst opposition. Pray for leaders for these new fellowship groups and for opportunities for them to be witnesses to the gospel of life that offers hope to all.
  • Give praise for the slow but steady growth of Christianity in Turkey. Pray for evangelism and church planting to continue there. Pray for the unreached peoples and areas—refugees, the ethnic Muslim minorities, the Alevi, and the Arab minority.

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