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Arinthia asked:

What is the 'criteria' and the 'responsibility' for being a 'missionary covering agency' Thank You!

Jack Answered:

I’m not sure what you mean, Arinthia, by a “missionary covering agency”. I assume you mean a “missionary sending agency” and I’ll attempt to deal with your question along this line.

" Criteria: To be a missionary sending agency, like the Latin America Mission, for example, the criteria I feel would be most important are: o That the agency knows about the fields where it is sending missionaries. o That it has the respect of the national leaders in these countries. o That it is fiscally responsible to its missionaries, their supporters, and the U.S. government as well as other national governments. o That it has developed a theology of mission that guides its major decisions.

" Responsibility: I would consider that the responsibility of a mission agency would include the following: o A responsible placing of its missionaries on the field so that they know what they are expected to do, whom they are to work with, and who supervises them and how this is done, including the preparation of reports. o A responsible handling of funds which come in for these missionaries, following the expectations of the donors. o That there is a fair percentage deducted from funds given for missionary salaries and expenses for the administrative needs of the agency. o Helpful member-care for missionaries going to the field (orientation), while on the field, and when returning home. o Clear communication with the donors and supporters of the agency and the various missionaries. o A clear statement of benefits for the missionaries (health insurance, retirement, etc.) understood by all. o A clear statement regarding risks and tragedies. For example, does the agency pay ransom for kidnapped missionaries? o The promotion of faithful intercession for the missionaries.

Let me know if I have answered your question and/or if these answers are helpful.



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