Urbana Journal Rediscovered

I pulled out the journal that I started as a freshman at Urbana 12 recently. Three years ago, the green notebook was fresh, each page empty and white. Today, there are scribbles on most of the pages and random church bulletins stuffed inside. 

As I skimmed through my seminar notes, my reflections and the rest of the journal, I realized how many hints God dropped at Urbana about what the next three years would hold for me and how much he would change me.

On the first page, I saw in my notes for Urbana Night #1 the words, “Called to depend on his power and the Spirit.” I’m sure that I had no idea how much I would be "calling" and "depending" on the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit during the next three years as I asked questions like "How can I order my life around what is important?" and "Why is the architecture student life so hard?"

But the cool thing about this journal is that it is not a record of how God changed my life at Urbana. Instead, it is a record of how God began to change my life at Urbana, and how he continued to shape me, to mold me, and to make me new in the years that followed.

As I think ahead, this excites me. I can’t wait to look back three years from now, to re-read the journal I start this December and to see what transformation and growth God began at Urbana 15. 


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