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Were you moved by the theatre, dance, and spoken word performances at Urbana 15? Watch those performances again. Also, listen to the team's seminar, and read the artists' bios.

Read about the Performing Arts Team's process and get links to order the scripts and songs.

Why and How-to Videos

The Purpose of Theater and Dance at Urbana

Why have a performing arts team at a missions conference? Theater, dance, poetry and spoken word have long been an integral part of the Urbana Student Missions Conference experience. Hear from Urbana Performing Arts Director Alison Siewert explain how these creative art forms contribute to ministry and mission.

Meet the Director of Performing Arts at Urbana 15!

Meet, Alison Siewert, the director and architect of performing arts at Urbana and hear the history of scripted theater at Urbana and how performing arts presentations are created.

More about Alison Siewert

Director's Commentary: "Kings"

Urbana 15 Performing Arts Director Alison Siewert discusses the creation and significance of "Kings", one of the opening night performance arts presentations at the Urbana 15 Student Missions Conference.

Watch the entire piece

The Power of Dance for Ministry and Mission

Urbana 15 Dancer and Actor Matthew Best shares about the significance of dance for ministry and mission and why we should consider unleashing the power of dance in our communities. He also discusses some of the unique ways that dance and movement can bring out the truths of Scripture in new, fresh ways.

Matthew Best references "The Roof" (from Urbana 12) and "Boat" from Urbana 15)

Incorporating Spoken Word and Poetry in Your Ministry

Urbana 15 Spoken Word Artist Ashley June Moore shares about the power of spoken word and the why and how of incorporating it into your ministry.

More about Ashley and her art

Why Performing Arts? How can we get started?

What's so significant about theater, dance, spoken word? How is it envisioned at Urbana? How can I start to bring that into our ministries? Kelly Joiner (Urbana 15 Script Editor and InterVarsity team leader at UCLA) shares the significance of the performing arts in ministry and 5 simple steps that you can take to get started with your own performing arts ministry.

8 Tips For Incorporating Performing Arts Into Your Ministry from Urbana 15

Do you want to see your ministry incorporate more theater, dance, spoken word and other performing arts? Kelly Joiner (Urbana 15 Script Editor and InterVarsity team leader at UCLA) shares 8 tips on how to get started from the Urbana Performing Arts Team.



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