Starting Something New

The fall semester has been a very exciting time for our InterVarsity chapter at Texas A&M. We’ve experienced growth surpassing our goals, we’ve seen our leaders, new and old, step up to serve those in our fellowship, and we’ve begun planting the LaFe small group on campus to reach the Latino community. But, after a summer of planning and a month of new student outreach events, our regional fall conference, Encounter, was a welcome retreat from the business of school, work, and leadership.

I definitely went in with some expectations for the weekend. I hoped to spend time getting to know others in my fellowship better, learn, and to enjoy a peaceful time away from campus. I was also looking forward to the workshop time. Since I am currently working to plant LaFe on campus, I signed up for the Start Something New workshop expecting to hear an encouraging talk and maybe a few helpful tips and ideas. Instead, I got way more than I had expected from this workshop.

After taking time to remind ourselves that our time on campus is an opportunity to be in contact with people whom we can share the gospel with, we dove right in. We were given tools to help us see campus as a mission field and pinpoint how to reach out to specific areas. There was a designated space for prayer and several staff workers there to coach us on what we had questions or doubts about. It was wonderful to finally have time and the right atmosphere to work through the ideas and plans I had for LaFe, but even more amazing was getting to do it alongside people from several campuses caring for people enough to want to serve them and share the gospel.

I look forward to hearing the ways that these plans and new ministries come to fruition, and I am excited to journey with others as they start something new for the first time. Coming back from Encounter, we are moving forward with these plans for new GIGs and reaching out to different communities on campus, and we are learning together how to best reach these parts of our campus that we care about.

Though it takes time, commitment, faith, and persistence we are driven by visions for the transformation of lives, and I am both grateful and excited for the opportunity to be part of the work God is doing through these plans and visions for our campus.


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