Questions Urbana Helps You Answer

Spoiler alert: Urbana may leave you asking new questions, even as it helps you find answers. The good news is, finding these answers is a journey and Urbana connects you with traveling companions who can help. 

Who is God?

The mission of God flows out of the character of God. Urbana helps us understand how God is a pursuer-God, Savior-God, and sending-God.

Who am I?

The Bible lets us know we are created in the image of God. Okay. But what does that mean? The Bible says that we are loved, lost, and—as we follow Jesus—saved and redeemed. But what does that mean for our life and the whole point of our existence? Urbana has answers.

Who are others?

If I can be secure in my relationship with God (you can), and if God’s character and mission can be known (it can), then how do I view everyone else? What does God’s character and mission—and my identity in Jesus—have to say about my relationship to those people who are different from me? How do I understand other cultures, religions, histories, and worldviews?

Who are we?

What does it mean to follow Jesus? What are the non-negotiables of belief for my own journey with Jesus? And what are the core beliefs that define us as a Christian family? What is it okay to disagree on and still be a part of the same family? But more importantly, what does it mean to be just one member of a family that includes people I will never meet this side of heaven?

Where are we?

If we’re but one part of the world, which part are we? What needs and opportunities does the rest of the world present to us? What needs and opportunities do we present to the rest of the world? How did we get here? And where does God say we’re going?

What do I do?

How do the answers to these questions affect my choices? What are my next steps? As I come to understand who I am, how do I know what God has designed for me to do?

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