Psalm 139: God is my Creator

This well-known Psalm points our the amazing knowledge God has of us, giving us a better picture of who he is and his vast knkowledge.

1. Verses 1-18 describe in three sections the psalmist's consciousness of God's scrutiny of his life. What departments of life are singled out as known by God in verses 1-6?

2. What truths about God are emphasized in verses 7-12 & 13-18?

3. Why is it that the psalmist can pray as he does in verses 23, 24 especially in the light of what he confesses in verses 1-4?

4. What principles do you find here for self-acceptance?

Adapted from studies in Search the Scripture (IVP), Student Training in Missions Manual, 1992.


Psalms 139


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