Prayer at Urbana 15

David Platt’s first exposure to InterVarsity came at a preparatory retreat for Urbana 12 speakers in August 2012. One of the things that impressed him the most was our commitment to prayer. He said, “I speak at a lot of conferences. And I have never seen a group putting on a conference who takes prayer as seriously as you all!”

From what goes on behind the scenes to what is offered to participants, in every minute of every day at Urbana, somewhere, someone is praying! We start months and months before Urbana and by October 2015, we are daily fasting and praying for the conference and for you! While at Urbana, beginning even before you arrive, we start praying around the clock. Teams of people will pray with the speakers and exhibitors, and be a prayerful presence in Hack4Missions and even in some of the seminars.

We start months and months before Urbana and by October 2015, we are daily fasting and praying for the conference and for you!

We not only take prayer seriously. We believe it changes the world. As you get ready for Urbana 15, plan to incorperate at least one of these prayer opportunities into your Urbana experience:

Missional Prayer Room

2nd Floor Atrium

You don’t even have to wait to go home to put into practice what you are learning in the general sessions and Bible studies! In this space, we’ll respond to what we’ve heard by interceding for the needs of the world and issues of the day, like the persecuted church, racial reconciliation, campus witness, poverty, those who don’t know Jesus, etc.

Worship and Reflection Room

America’s Center 124-125

Each afternoon there will be several minutes of musical worship, and then quiet space to worship God through making art, through silence and meditation, etc. The quiet space will allow for reflection on what God is saying to you.

Prayer Ministry

America’s Center 130

Come here if you are interested in having someone pray with you. Maybe you feel blocked or resistant to God or have family issues keeping you from pursuing God wholeheartedly. The first section will have prayer stations to help prepare you for prayer. The second section is a space for deeper encounter with Jesus, getting your heart ready. And the third section is where a trained Urbana staff or volunteer will pray with you.

More on prayer:

Take a look at some of's resources on prayer.

These guidelines are adapted from MaryKate Morse's chapter Discernment Prayer in A Guidebook to Prayer.
The mission of God includes our activities in time and space, but the essence of missions lies in what I am calling the "fifth dimension," God's own choices and actions.
In the midst of our busyness, God not only wants us to come to him through prayer, but to recognize that we were born for this communion with him.
If you're like me, change is sometimes the key to keeping my mind and heart engaged. So here are some ideas of ways to pray for God's work and God's people around the world.
Here is the truth: God loves us and is eager to be in relationship with us and to speak to us. This is the basis of our confidence in listening prayer.
Ever since my teenage years, I've kept a journal. I would write in it only sporadically, when the need for self-expression got particularly intense. Finally, though, I devised a sustainable way to keep a daily journal, and I've done it now for twelve years.
When my prayers lack focus and direction, I walk. And when I walk and pray, I have an ongoing panorama of ideas for prayer that is specific and detailed. Prayerwalking unleashes my spiritual imagination.

The Ministry of Christian Intercession, Urbana 84

Ethnicity and Prayer

Prayer and Mission

Understanding Prayer



Hi Urbana, I took part in the prayer stations as part of the prayer ministry and found it really inspiring and powerful in terms of bringing hidden things to the surface and bringing them to God. I wanted to take the idea of prayer stations back to my own fellowship. Would you have any resources that you can point me to? Thanks!

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