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priscilla asked:

this ponders in my heart alot and i get quit alot of confision going on. A little while back i got born again and committed my life to God and never been happier i want my life to revolve around him forever and that would include my job and everything that i do. Im 19 and am in a community college i recently asked to start helping out in my youth with the kids, im loving it but also trying to break out of my shell and show all my potential. My question is i found this school in california called insight that teaches you alot of history, the bible, and about missionary work, and it burns in my heart everytime i think about it, im just confused to whether i should stick with the many oppurtunitys and doors being opened for me at my church or go off for that one year and learn all i can and come back stronger and with more in my to offer them and put towards that youth group

Jack Answered:

Priscilla, I am grateful to the Lord that He has saved you and brought you true joy. What a blessing! And I congratulate you on having this wonderful opportunity to work with the youth at your church.

I thank the Lord that you have found a school that teaches you the subjects you mention. I couldn’t encourage you strongly enough to go to this school and learn all you can. The more you learn, the more you have to share! At 19 I would consider your priority is putting emphasis on your preparation for the rest of your life. I know that seeing the needs of the youth group draws you – as it should – but in God’s providence you have a full life to live, and you need to get yourself ready while you have the freedom. One day you will probably be tied down with economic and family responsibilities and you won’t have the liberty to study. Take full advantage of it – and study hard! In fact, if they offer two years – study two years! You won’t regret it.

May the Lord provide for you, guide you, and keep your heart tender toward Him.



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