The Perspectives Course

Getting There from Here

Maybe you're in that great place of potential where you're realizing how much you don't know about God's global mission and your role in it. Perhaps you're growing into a missional Christian but the details are still pretty sketchy. While you're in the midst of determining what's next, you should know about Perspectives and consider signing up.

Perspectives and Urbana go way back to Urbana 73 when it was created by the U.S. Center for World Mission to help equip students who had a passion for global mission as they came out of Urbana. Since then, over 130,000 people worldwide have taken Perspectives.

Perspectives is designed to help believers from all walks of life get threaded into God’s story of redeeming people to himself from every tribe, tongue, and nation. As it's done for many who have taken it over the years, Perspectives will give you fresh knowledge and understanding of God’s unchanging purposes and open the eyes of your heart to see both that you have a part to play in his story, and what that part may be.

Passion Meets Experience

Perspectives is locally hosted wherever it's offered and led by thousands of volunteers who are passionate about seeing the Gospel impact people from all walks of life and backgrounds. Generally, every class schedules a lineup of Biblical scholars, missionaries, pastors, professors, and mobilizers who bring a wealth of experience and passion to each lesson.

You might meet a businessman who’s using his company to bless an impoverished African country, a pastor from a local church, or a missionary fresh back from Timbuktu in Northern Africa.

Curriculum and Format

The Perspectives Study Guide and Reader usher the course's students through the study of God’s mission and character in four ways, helping them understand their place in God's metanarrative.

  1. Perspectives' study of the Bible illuminates promises as they unfold from Genesis to Revelation.
  2. Perspectives' look into Christian history shows how God's immeasurable power is worked out through ordinary believers.
  3. Perspectives' study of culture reveals how God threads diverse peoples into his story in culturally relevant ways.
  4. Perspectives' discerning look at the task remaining in world evangelization helps people discover practical and strategic opportunities to leverage their passions, training and expertise for God's glory at home or abroad.

College Credit and Your Next Step

Perspectives has brought radical change in the ways its participants understand God’s eternal purposes and their specific role in them. It can be an ideal next step in your journey.

Perspectives can be completed for Graduate Credit, Undergraduate Credit, a Certificate of completion (no exams), or just the benefit of the "Key Readings" and live instructors (no exams or weekly review writing).

The course is held at over two hundred locations throughout North America each year and is also available in many other nations and languages.   

Find a class near you or Learn more.


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