People Matter to God

The Healing of Naaman

Imagine that you are a casting director for a film being produced about the life of Naaman. You need to assemble an ensemble of people to play these parts. Look carefully at each person in this narrative. Describe the characteristics you would look for in each actor playing each main part.

Read 2 Kings 5:1-19

1. Naaman's Israelite servant girl is the first to suggest a place for healing for him. What makes it possible for her to witness to Naaman about "the prophet" and what might make it difficult? Consider her background, circumstances, her role in Naaman's life and her feelings.

2. Now consider Naaman's character. What makes him a good "seeker"?

3. What barriers does he have to cross to seek help?

4. What is his expectation of how God may meet him?

5. Consider your own not-yet-Christian friends. What specific needs or attitudes do they have that would make them open to seeking the Lord? What hurdles might they have to overcome?

6. Elisha sends a message to the king to make sure Naaman finds Elisha. When Naaman finally arrives, the prophet fails to even personally greet him and then gives him a strange task to perform for a cure. Why? What is Elisha concerned about?

7. Contemplate the response of Naaman to Elisha's "cure" in verses 11-12. He asks, "aren't our rivers better?" Why do you think he asks this? What does this say about his feelings about Israel, its culture, and its natural resources compared to his home country?

8. Describe a time when you looked down on another culture or people group or country and made a negative comparison.

9. He responds in verse 15, "Now I know." What has he learned about God?

10. Naaman recognizes that his faith will face challenges when returning home. What steps does he take to prepare for that? What are some challenges your friends may face in their home communities? How can you help them prepare for those?

11. Throughout this narrative God is at work. Look back over this story and identify some ways that God is superintending these events. God also uses several people to speak to Naaman. How is each of their different roles in Naaman's life important?

12. Consider your own Christian community. How can you capitalize on your different gifts to minister to someone like Naaman?


Take a moment to remember God's goodness to you - how he has cured your "diseases," often in ways that didn't fit our own plan, but were a delight to you and instrumental in your growth.


2 Kings 5:1-19


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