My wife and I are on a ...

tim tuggle asked:

My wife and I are on a journey across the US on horseback spreading God's word.

The trip has some unexpected expenses, such as wintering in NM. God has not failed to meet our every need, however I'm led to ask for some assistance. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you.

Tim Tuggle

Jack Answered:

Thanks, Tim, for sharing your vision.

I congratulate you and your wife for your desire to spread the Gospel.

I must admit that it is the first time since reading about John Wesley’s itineration that I have heard about individuals evangelizing on horse back!

Since I don’t know anything about you, your background, how you decided on this trip, etc., the only thing that comes to mind, Tim, is for you to share your needs with the folks you have been ministering to along the way.

They have received help from you, undoubtedly have already given you some kind of offering, but may be open to giving you a hand in your current situation. This seems to have been Paul’s practice, when he received help from the Philippians.

Also, as you remember, Paul worked at a trade. I don’t know where you are keeping your horses, but perhaps they could use some extra help during the winter.

I’m glad that the Lord has met your needs so far, and I’m sure He will continue to do so.

In His Grace,



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